The Forgotten Athletes


I am 51 years old. I have been active all of my life, which is something that my parents instilled in me. I was never brilliant at anything, but average to fair, excelling in some things (I had a fantastic breath hold ability as a freediver), and in others, average to middling.

I have always enjoyed the outdoors. I was brought up in warm climates and we were encouraged to be outside. As I have grown older, and especially in the last 15 years, I’ve become more involved in team sports or sports where there are 1000s of participants. Triathlon, cycling, open water swimming, I dabbled in rugby (far too painful for my liking), and in the last couple of years, kettlebell training. If there is one thing I have noticed is that women over 40 are generally overlooked, and forgotten.

Most of the training plans, nutritional advice, and sports research that you read online are results of studies based on tests done on young college athletes.

Most of the research you see about women, is usually based on two age ranges:

  • Pre-menopause or what do we do when we’re on an Oral Contraceptive.
  • After you’ve gone through the cessation of your periods (Post Menopause) but they are mainly on public burden diseases.

As a woman over 40, we are not really covered in either age range. I am currently studying the Menopausal Athlete through Dr. Stacy Sims, and hope to bring her wealth of knowledge of the forgotten athletes into my realm of women.

Women over 40, athlete or non-athlete, I want to bring you back into the fold. Many of you, of my age or thereabouts, have children, have your own businesses, careers, or are managing the home. No matter what your life choice is, I find that there is a common element. “I really must do something”, “I live in a new country and find it hard to meet people”, “I feel shy to go out on my bike, I won’t be fast enough”. I also hear “I need to lose weight before I get out on my bike (or go to gym classes), or “I am embarrassed to be out on my bike, I am too old”, or, “I don’t know anybody to do it with but would love to try”.

Ladies, see the photos in this article. We are women of all ages, (35 plus), of all body types and abilities. Every woman in these photos has an issue of her own, but very likely, we all have common issues. Peri-menopause, menopause, fibromyalgia, previously broken bones/old injuries, divorce, heart break, food intolerances, awkward children, awkward partners (!?), battle of the bulge, loneliness, and so on. We all have our battles, and if there is one way to approach those battles and feel like you belong, is to become part of a group of women who will welcome you into their own world of hope.

Hope, that they will one day cross the finish line of their goal, whether it’s a 10km run, a 50km ride, a 5km run, a 1km swim, or simply being able to be more agile and mobile. Hope, that they will be recognised as a cyclist, a runner, a swimmer, an active person. Hope, that they will be respected, cheered on, uplifted, and made to feel like a person again. Hope, that they will have more feelings of self-worth, confidence, the ability to stand up in their favourite outfit and feel fabulous. Hope, that when they arrive to a training session they are received with smiles, open arms, and feelings of positivity.

Speak to me. Phone me, ask me. Join us. Every women has an athlete inside. Your size, age, and experience does not matter.

It’s time to bring the Forgotten Athletes back on to the racing scene.

Phone me +971504368696 and find out how you can find purpose and feeling that you BELONG.