There are various schools of thought on running.  The International Triathlon Coach Association recommends Pose® Running.

This method of running was created by Nicholas Romanov and has quickly become popular with triathletes. This style of gait is characterized by a running “pose” where there is an S-shaped alignment of the body. IC is made midfoot and there is there is a vertical alignment of the shoulders and hips with the support leg. Dr. Romanov states that this proper position allows runners to efficiently use gravity (where the center of mass “falls” forward over the support leg) and “gravitational torque” is the primary force causing horizontal displacement.

He further claims that this method increases speed, economy and reduces stress on the knees.

I have also attended a course in Chi Running® , where the method of running is similar to Pose but nose breathing is advocated and also the use of a metronome.

As a freediver I have also practiced apnea running, as a way of dry training for freediving in the winter.

I tend to try out all these methods with my clients as at the end of the day each body works differently and athletes will do what works for them.

If you want to try out a running session, we run every Thursday morning at Kite Beach at 06h30am. All ladies welcomed.


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