Clearing Up Collagen

25 May 2023 sandspirations 0

What is it and should I be taking it? First let´s clear up the marketing surrounding collagen, as it is seen everywhere, promoted everywhere, and comes mixed with other supplements, or in its pure form. As with most supplements, the word “vegan” is a huge selling point for many people […]

My Meno Bod

1 March 2023 sandspirations 0

A Strength Training Guide for Menopausal Women Over the last 12 years of being a road cyclist, and subsquently a triathlete, I have realised now at my age of 53 that there is a need for a simple training guide for women in menopause. There are so many platforms out […]

My First OLY – self-coached

6 February 2023 sandspirations 0

Angie Barnes bought an off-the-shelf plan from my Training Peaks store and programmed it to race day. This is how it went. So, how did I get to this day?—the RAK Olympic distance triathlon.  Months ago, when we made the decision that I would quit my teaching job in order […]

Fabulous in February Challenge 2023

31 January 2023 sandspirations 0

The Healthy Heart Challenge Did you do a dry January? Veganuary?  Couldn’t be bothered to do either but might be interested in starting something now? We are going to do a Fabulous in February Challenge, because taking care of your health and wellbeing will not only help you to feel […]

Open Water Swimming Clinic

13 January 2023 sandspirations 0

22nd September 2023 On Sunday 22 January, I will be running an Open Water Clinic at 08h00, from Kite Beach. This session is free of charge and will be videoed. On the following weekend we will be swimming around the Burj Al Arab so this will be excellent preparation! For […]

Back on Your Bike in 2023

2 January 2023 sandspirations 0

Bike Handling Skills Class Did Santa bring you a new bike? Or are you about to dust off the one in the garage for “What’s In For Me in 2023?” Or perhaps you feel that you could build more confidence on your bike. Get back on your bike and come […]

Beginner’s Triathlon Group Coaching

24 October 2022 sandspirations 0

Dubai – starting 6th November! This could be you by January, exiting smiling from a swim! Starting November 6th, I will be running triathlon beginners sessions. If you are thinking of dabbling in triathlon and not sure how to go about it, this course will be for you. The sessions […]


24 October 2022 sandspirations 0

Why it matters to peri/menopausal athletes Here are some simple tips to help you through your training as a peri/menopausal athlete. We tend to follow so many online guidelines, or from a downloaded programme on Training peaks, or something that we’ve read on Goop! (I hope not). Below are some […]

Hydration and 10000 steps

17 October 2022 sandspirations 1

How to calculate your hydration Hydration is more of a marketing campaign than a scientific campaign – have you ever stopped to consider if you really need 8 to 10 glasses of water a day? This is the same myth and blunder as the recommendation of 10,000 steps a day. […]

Race to Weight

6 September 2022 Dacey Calisura 0

I say nutrition, as I do not believe in dieting. I needed to make some serious changes to improve my gut health, bloating and general feeling of lethargy and low energy.  This can be seen clearly in the photograph box, lower right. I was introduced to the Whole30 concept and […]

Race Fear and Open Water Swimming Anxiety

6 September 2022 Dacey Calisura 0

Race Nerves?How do they affect you? Do you perform better or worse? Do you get a newfound courage or does your race plan collapse? I’ve seen countless accounts from athletes online, and in person, where they stand on the beach before a triathlon swim start or an open water swimming […]

Spain Training and Racing

6 September 2022 Dacey Calisura 0

During the summer, some of the team travelled to Spain to train and race.  We chose a triathlon in Pont de Suert, hilly, and a lake swim.  A first for all of us! I did a short distance: 950m lake swim 🏊‍♂️ 60km bike with 1200m elevation and 11% climbs […]

Sarah Barber – My First Triathlon

5 September 2022 Dacey Calisura 0

A couple of weeks ago, I completed my first triathlon event, it was at the J Club, Mina A Salam Hotel and it was an indoor triathlon. I decided to sign up as part of my training for the super sprint I signed up for in November. The indoor triathlon […]


14 August 2022 sandspirations 0

Unperturbed by freezing water, rain, sleet, and wind, British triathlete Aimée Middleton took up the challenge to race in the Norseman. Based in Dubai, you could say her training ground was probably 3 times as hot as her race day. The Norseman is a race that they say is not […]

Dietary Supplements and Fad Diets

8 August 2022 sandspirations 1

Protein and Protein Powders How much time have you got? You’ll need a cup of coffee and a good couple of hours to read this. (Credit to Dr. Stacy Sims for some of this material and NESTA.) Have you ever thought about the supplement market and why it exists? In […]

Cycling – Beginners Class starts in March

15 February 2022 island_sands 0

If you can (sort of) ride a bike, without wobbling off into the bushes then this is the class for you. This class will help you to understand your bike, how it works, and what it can do for you. I will teach you how to use your gears, brakes, […]