Endurance and Lifestyle Coaching for Women Olympic Distance Triathlon

Olympic Distance Triathlon

Olympic distance triathlons are exactly as per their description. The distance of the race is that which is used during the Olympics, which is a 1500 meter swim, a 40 kilometre bike and 10 kilometre run.

Training for an Olympic distance requires preparation and time. It is also great practice for athletes who are training for a longer event later in the season. Olympic distances are also known as “international distance” or “standard course”.

Olympic distance triathlons are not limited to those with prior experience, however much training, preparation and carefully planned workouts are necessary to prevent injury along the journey.

You can purchase set training plans from our website, or preferably invest in a personalised training plan, with 1:1 coaching and nutritition advice to suit your lifestyle, work committments, family committments and also with your future events in mind.

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