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Tackling Your Changing Body

In 2017 and in the height of my menopausal hell, I decided to make a change to my nutrition.

I say nutrition, as I do not believe in dieting. Keto, intermittent fasting, low-carb, LCHF, whatever regimes you want to throw out there, can have long term (or even sometimes immediate) term implications for older women, and in particular, endurance athletes. Note: some regimes can really help sedentary people and I am talking specifically about endurance, or very active women.

Drugs for weight loss, such as semaglutides, may have serious side effects and while they can assist for a rapid weight loss, the longer term effects and the sustainable application of these drugs is all in question and up for argument.

I needed to make some serious changes to improve my gut health, bloating and general feeling of lethargy and low energy.  This can be seen clearly in the photograph box, lower right.

I was introduced to the Whole30 concept and did a 30-day programme, eliminating sugar, alcohol, legumes, grains and dairy from my diet. In just 30 days, I lost a considerable amount of volume and around 5 kilos in weight. It was an excellent restart to my system.  Since then, I have followed this concept and have limited (not eliminated) the above foods from my diet to stay in reasonable shape.

I still suffered from bloating on many occasions and training, staying healthy and also keeping on top of my general gut health was tricky. I was introduced to Forever Living Aloe Gel and was sold. I became an Assistant Supervisor and have sold their products since.

Weight management can be difficult and testing, especially if you travel a lot, work silly hours or have a sedentary job. With the menopausal journey, this can be all the more testing as many women lose their sex drive, mojo, and also confidence if their bodies go through a dramatic change. I will be the first to put my hand up, and say that after 2020 the weight crept back on due to exactly the reasons I speak about (poor sleep, poor lifestyle, poor food choices) and this year (2023) I have managed to get on top of it again, with the help of the right supplements (not pharma) and regular, targeted exercise and managing what goes in my cake hole!

The concept of healthy eating every day is not a new one! However, it is proven to be an effective way to manage your eating routine, and maintain a healthy body for life. You can kickstart your new lifestyle by using the DX4 which is is a four-day system that helps you reset your health through a powerful combination of supplements that aid in satiety, hydration and supporting ideal organ function.

My Lifestyle and Weight Management Programme is a 90-day programme which is research-based and proves that eating a balanced diet and lots of nutritious food is the way to a strong, leaner and functional body. The idea is to introduce life-long habits and last change. The 90 day course will teach you how to manage your food, exercise, social events, and also how to combine your nutrition with exercise.

To support your journey, you can also purchase my strength training guide to help you with exercises to get yourself stronger, leaner, and also tackle your bone density. You can order this guide here (you will need a Shop and Ship account if you live outside the USA).

My programme is self-coached, with an option to tune into me weekly or monthly (details in my shop) Changing a lifestyle of habits is not easy. The programme involves a lot of self-assessment and a slow progression towards changing eating and other lifestyle behaviours.

If you are interested in this programme and feel that you need to reset your life and health, please contact me by email: slh@saraharriscoaching.com