Open Water Swimming Clinic 9th April 2023



On Sunday 9th April, I will be running an Open Water Clinic at 08h00, from Kite Beach. The cost of the session is AED 300.

– Equipment required-

> Goggles, swimhat
> Trisuit or swimsuit
> Wetsuit not required
> Dry towels, dry and warm clothes for afterwards
> Hydration and nutrition
> Safety buoy (aka buddy bag or swim buoy) – available from https://www.sported.ae/product/buddy-bag/ discount code SLH15
(the safety buoy is mandatory for this session).
> if you are a weak swimmer, please bring swimming fins with you as well.

The following points will be covered: technique, safety, understanding the ocean and your swim route, feeding, starts and finishes, drafting, sighting (swimming straight), turning buoys, positioning in a dynamic environment, dealing with physical contact, water safety, and some play. We will then do a 45 minute swim, in groups of similar ability.

To sign up please email slh@saraharriscoaching.com. Maximum spots available for this session is 20 – and pay at this link please https://buy.stripe.com/4gw5lY6gu1k4auAfZi