Bronze Training Package



This is the ideal programme for someone starting out on their endurance training journey.  It will teach you the habits of training consistently, give you online tips and lots of training notes on how to manage your training sessions, and also access to group training sessions.

Accountability to coach with guidance.

  • Monthly group training plan uploaded to Training Peaks (free access Discounted Premium Access available via coach at price set by Training Peaks. No training adjustments within the month set, tweaks to be made at the end for the following month.
  • Monthly fitness test (FTP) to measure progress.
  • Monthly unbiased feedback from the coach on training achieved, with progress monitoring, training stress scores and structured workouts.
  • The Coach reviews feedback from completed training through objective analysis (power, heart rate, speed, distance etc.) and subjective feedback from the athlete.
  • Training tweaked based on analysis
  • 1 hour per week interaction between coach and athlete outside training sessions (Zoom preferred)
  • All group training sessions included
  • Pool hire to be paid directly to the pool
  • 1:1 sessions are an extra charge
  • Training manual included

1:1 sessions at extra cost – AED 300 for 30 minutes of coaching