Newsletter – February 2022

9 February 2022 sandspirations 0

INTRODUCING HUDAISA Hudaisa (aka Huda) speaks about her experience as a cyclist and squashes people’s misconception about fuller figure athletes. “You should get her training wheels”. “How about a tricycle”. “How old is she?”. These were the remarks that I heard as I practised bike riding after many years with […]

Bike Handling Skills

30 December 2021 sandspirations 0

Anybody can go fast on the flat… but how good are you at stopping suddenly? Swerving, gearing, speed bumps, cattle grids and cornering? Can you turn around a cone (or on the cycle path) without unclipping and scooting with your foot? Come to my cycling class on the 22nd January, […]

Women’s Triathlon Training Camp

17 October 2021 sandspirations 0

If you are curious about triathlon, or if you are currently a triathlete and need a reboot for the season, this is the camp for you! The plan is to train hard, while learning new techniques and also attending some really interesting conferences regarding your mental and menopausal health. Triathlon […]

Hamstring Pain

16 March 2021 sandspirations 0

Physiotherapist, bike fitter, cyclist and triathlete Orla White chats to us about hamstring pain with a few practical tips. Let’s talk about hamstring pain. Have you ever had that pain located high up around your sitting bone?  Worse for the first few minutes of your run, then seems to disappear […]

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Run Challenge – 100 Miles in February

2 March 2021 sandspirations 0

Abu Dhabi based triathlete (and now serious runner!), Amita Das had her birthday month in February, and wanted to do a challenge. As local races kept getting cancelled and postponed, we wanted to avoid disillusion and also loss of motivation to train. So we set a different target, to run […]

2021 – What’s in it for you?

30 December 2020 sandspirations 0

How much are you willing to invest in your health, well-being, and fitness? How much are you worth? It is a question you need to ask yourself, especially when your first thought is “it’s not the right time for me now”. When is the right time to get fit and […]

The Forgotten Athletes

16 August 2020 sandspirations 0

I am 51 years old. I have been active all of my life, which is something that my parents instilled in me. I was never brilliant at anything, but average to fair, excelling in some things (I had a fantastic breath hold ability as a freediver), and in others, average […]

Born to Run

20 June 2020 sandspirations 0

This is the story of Dianne Sorensen, who I have known my entire life. She would like everyone to believe, that anybody can run. This is her story so far which she has kindly written with the hope of inspiring my C25K ladies. If we roll back to mid 2018, […]

StayHome Online Workouts

11 April 2020 sandspirations 0

Getting the Corona blues? There is no need not to exercise, and you can do it with the online company of other women. If you’re working from home, or if you are at home at a loose end, I am running free online classes for women while we are staying […]

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Jebel Jais Training Ride

4 March 2020 sandspirations 0

Anyone is welcome to join our ride. Friday 6th March – 05h30 Plan is to ride up Jebel Jais mountain, Ras Al Khaimah with the option for a brick session.Aiming to get there for first light or just before. Meet at JJ car park at 05h30 sharp. If you are […]

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Raining? Workout Indoors

11 January 2020 sandspirations 0

35 Minute Kettlebell Burner Workout for Total Body Strength & Cardio This 35 Minute video uses just one kettlebell to strengthen and tone your total body, all while getting your heart pumping for fat blasting cardio. Burn calo…

HEED programme starts 5 January 2020

1 January 2020 sandspirations 0

Entering the new year, are you ready to make a change to your lifestyle and weight management? Are you willing to eat healthily every day? On the 5th of January 2020 I am starting a new 20 week programme called HEED (Healthy Eating Every Day) Last year, I needed to […]

Hydration as an Endurance Athlete

15 December 2019 sandspirations 0

How much hydration or water do I actually need? Should I pay for a hydration test? How do I work out how much water/hydration I need when training? Hydration is more of a marketing campaign than a scientific campaign – have you ever stopped to consider if you really need […]

Intermittent fasting – is it healthy for athletic women?

27 November 2019 sandspirations 0

From a health standpoint, no. Athletes need an adequate and balanced food and fluid intake that provides nutritional support for optimal adaption to training and optimal performance, but also for preventing illness and injuries. The cornerstone of an endurance athlete’s diet is adequate energy intake i.e. FOOD. In spite of […]

Triathlon Training Camp for Women

16 October 2019 sandspirations 0

Are you tri-curious or just needing to get back into triathlon training? Just to let you know that we are holding a triathlon training camp for beginners, or ladies who need to just want to “get back into it” – or even just a social weekend of triathlon training! If […]