Endurance and Lifestyle Coaching for Women 3 Tips To Compete In Your First Triathlon

3 Tips To Compete In Your First Triathlon

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  • Understand why training for menopausal women is different
  • Get 3 essential tips to start your journey into triathlons as a menopausal athlete
  • Know how to apply each technique as part of your training efforts
  • Why REST is so important
  • Make small changes to your training patterns in line with your biology
  • Get you ready for your first triathlon!

About Sara-Lise Harris

As a sassy menopausal athlete in her 50s, I like to approach training as a holistic journey to improve ability as an athlete, while redesigning the investment in yourself.

I am a Certified Ironman Triathlon Coach,  Training Peaks Coach Level 2, British Cycling Coach Level 2 DSU Road, ASCA Swimming Coach Level 1, Oceanman Open Water Swimming Coach and NESTA Kettlebell Coach, NESTA Lifestyle and Weight Management and Lifestyle Consultant and I have done Dr Stacy Sims Menopause for Athletes course and Women Are Not Small Men course. I also have been through all the menopausal hoops!

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