3 Tips To Improve Endurance For Menopausal Athletes

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  • Understand why training for menopausal women is different
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  • Know how to apply each technique as part of your training efforts
  • Why REST is so important
  • Make small changes to your training patterns in line with your biology
  • How to optimise training schedules
  • Get you ready for your first endurance triathlon!

About Sara-Lise Harris

As a sassy menopausal athlete in her 50s, I like to approach training as a holistic journey to improve ability as an athlete, while redesigning the investment in yourself.

I am a Certified ITCA Triathlon Coach,  TrainingPeaks Coach Level 1,British Cycling Coach Level 2, PADI Swimming Coach, ASCA Swimming Coach Level 1, and NESTA Kettlebell Coach, NESTA Lifestyle and Weight Management and Lifestyle Consultant and Dr Stacy Sims Menopause for Athletes course and Women Are Not Small Men course. I am also Women For Tri Ambassador since 2018 and have been through all the menopausal hoops!

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