Vueltour 2024


An Epic Bike Ride from Spain to France – you coming?

Have you checked out what is possibly THE best cycling tour for amateur cyclist enthusiasts?

Try this – start in Spain and ride all the way to France in a fully supported exclusive ride with all your needs provided for.

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What is the plan?

The tour is from Spain to France over 7 days. You will arrive in the starting village of Xerta on the 9th of May (to then depart on the 11th) and the ride itself is 7 days long. It is a fully supported ride with accommodation, breakfast, lunch and a dedicated Ride Leader, and support driver, to guide you all the way. With a unique cross-border challenge taking you from northern Spain to south-west France taking in coastal roads, a few mountains … you will have views to dream (and ride) for! You will arrive in Palud sur Verdon on the 17th of May, from where you can depart to your home country or have the option to drive back to Spain with the driver (limited space available).

This particular tour has not been done before (although we have practised it in the car and on the bike) and it is definitely a must-do for cycling aficionados. As a team, we are passionate about cycling, and sports in general and have been involved in both participating, leading and organising events and races since 2005. Our pedigree speaks for itself in the quality and quantity of events both for our own companies and for clients looking for coaching or a professional and knowledgeable organisation to provide everything they could need for a bespoke cycling event, as well as cycling federations looking for cycling course services for international events. Put simply, we love bikes and everything about bikes!

As this is a bespoke event, we are only offering space for 7 riders, to keep it safe, exclusive and to ensure maximum safety and enjoyment. Corporate teams are welcome!

Where is it?

This cycling adventure will begin in Xerta, Tarragona Spain, and will hug a large part of the Mediterranean coast following the scenic and the stunning Eurovelo 8 for 850km to the finish in La Palud sur Verdon, passiing the incredible Grand Canyon of Europe in Provence, France. You will ride approximately 130km per day of varying elevations. Your final day will be hilly and as such, a little shorter, as you enter the mountains region of the Alpes de Haute Provence … but the amazing views will be your reward!

Who can ride?

We welcome riders of all levels, but who have trained to ride these kinds of distances on multiple days. It would be wise to join a training group with a plan for this kind of tour or perhaps hire a coach to set a schedule in preparation for your cycling adventure. We welcome corporate groups, cycling clubs, charity groups or individuals.

For more information on who we are, what is included, and what the logistics plan would be, check out and bookings are now open!