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Period Loss – Due to Energy Loss or Menopause?


Are you eating enough?

Here is some food for thought. When you train hard, and focus on that low calorie deficit that so many PTs talk about, there are certain physiological things that happen. Initially, you will lose weight however when you consistently train underfuelled (example is for cyclists but this can be applied to anyone training hard) you can face Low Energy Availability (LEA) which has consequences.

I get it, menopausal weight gain is frustrating to say the least. However, “calorie deficit” doesn’t always work if you don’t have the balance right. In short, if you continue the low calorie high/output route you could enter a state of Low Energy Availability and there are problems that you will face. Also, intermittent fasting increases cortisol levels, so if you are combining your weight loss programme with low calorie and intermittent fasting, you could be headed for a hormonal disaster.

You also don’t need to be underweight or normal weight to experience LEA. You can be overweight too, and if you are obese, LEA can present itself in functional hypothalamic amenorrea. So my thoughts are, this could be mistaken for the menopausal cessation of periods.

So perhaps then your doctor/gynae is treating you for menopausal symptoms, and not looking at you holistically (nutrition, lifestyle).


Credit: Dr Gemma Sampson for the slide.