Sluggish? Bloated? Low?


Is this you?

Have you returned from your summer holiday feeling bloated or lethargic? Did you use the running/gym kit that you packed? Even with the best intentions this often is not the case and you return home with freshly folded gym kit in the bottom of your suitcase wagging its finger at you, and you feeling ever so slightly guilty for not having paid it any attention.

Not to worry! You can kickstart your return by breaking the holiday habits and return to your routine (or even create a new one).

My friend Sarah from Aloe-Bee Wellness is doing the DX4 challenge starting Monday 14th August. (You have time to get prepared!) She is preparing for a very long cycle challenge at the end of September so she is keen to reset her body after her holidays in Scotland and reboot to her habitual healthy lifestyle.

Fancy joining her? You can be based anywhere to do this challenge.

DX4 is a four day guided programme, which creates an enhanced mind-body connection by using nutritional products and supplements, along with mindfulness and overall wellness activities which is an important life piece for her in particular, and also me! Many women have done the DX4 programme and raved about their results (feeling better, weight loss) – is this not for you too?

It is an easy to follow daily programme of food and activities, all provided in a guide and it will help to lay the groundwork for developing positive and sustainable lifestyle changes and habits, as well as addressing wellness on a deeper level. Is this not what most of us need?

If you are keen to join this challenge you can buy the kit from me, and to tempt you I will give the FIRST 10 WOMEN who purchase it a 10% discount! Are you not even happier?

Sarah will create a private community group so we can support each other and share key information and tips on our progress! I will be assisting as Coach as I have already completed my reset challenge this year and I am still on track.

If you are interested please do the following:

  1. Email me at so we can add you to the group
  2. Order your DX4 kit at this link!
  3. Let me know when you’ve ordered. If you are outside the UAE – I can send you a separate link for your country.

We’ve got this ladies!