Back on Your Bike in 2023


Bike Handling Skills Class

Did Santa bring you a new bike? Or are you about to dust off the one in the garage for “What’s In For Me in 2023?” Or perhaps you feel that you could build more confidence on your bike.

Get back on your bike and come to my bike skills refresher class. It will take at least 3 hours to complete and will involve a full run down of essential cycling skills and improving on the ones you already have. The price is AED 300 for the course for non-members and AED 150 for members. (Members pay direct please).

We will meet at Hamdan Sports Centre (on the E611) at 0730am on Saturday 7th January 2023. This is not a beginners course, this is a class for cyclists with at least six month’s experience. You must be able to balance and pedal a bike to attend.

You will need:

A road bike or TT bike (athletes with TT bikes will be in a separate group for safety reasons where group riding is involved).

Helmet, shoes (with cleats as well if you use them, but bring trainers too) and appropriate cycling gear (it will possibly be cold to start, so dress in layers)
The class is likely to be 3 hours long
Bring hydration and nutrition
There are facilities in the Sports Centre if you need them.

During this class we will cover many skills such as gearing, including gearing up hills, braking, swerving, drinking from a bottle effectively, taking a bottle from a feed zone, hand signalling, hill sprints, riding over speed bumps, cornering, stopping and starting correctly, riding in a peloton (group), changing positions within a peloton, and pedalling efficiently and more.

To sign up, please use the payment link. There are no refunds or credits if you miss the class.