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Lifestyle Weight Management Programme


One of my personal challenges is food. I love food. All types of food.  Seriously, food speaks to me. EAT ME. Especially thick spicy Indian curries with loads of sauce on, and cheese, olives, French bread, you name it, every thing that I am not “supposed to eat” shouts out to me from the supermarket aisle.  I need a different lifestyle in terms of the way I eat.

Unfortunately, being a serial eater and not a bad cook, this does not do my triathlete coaching career any good. In order to help myself, and in turn my clients, I have taken up a course in Lifestyle Weight Management.  This is not a FAD diet, it’s a journey to making daily healthy and sensible choices to help reach and sustain an optimum weight. FAD diets give fast results, but not permanent healthy results.

I highly recommend that if you have an eating problem, or cannot manage portion control, or are not sure what to eat on a daily basis to sustain your body functions and requirements, that you participate in this programme.

The 20 week programme teaches you how to solve food monitoring problems. Common problems that serial dieters have are forgetting to carry a food log, or even fill it in, and also generally people have a hard time estimating food sizes and therefore over eat (me). Food monitoring is suggested as very time consuming and people have difficulty writing down foods that they feel guilty about eating. (Well that is a good thing!)  The programme will also improve your self-esteem, give you confidence in the food that you are preparing and be assured that you are only doing yourself something beneficial, every time you eat.

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I strongly recommend purchasing the book Healthy Eating Every Day-2nd Edition by Ruth Ann Carpenter and Carrie Finley. Healthy Eating Every Day is a practical, evidence-based programme which is incorporated into the Lifestyle Weight Management Programme. It teaches you how to improve your eating habits in ways that fit your lifestyle.

I am challenging myself by teaching this course.  The basic principle of this course is to change behaviour – there is no miracle to weight loss.  If you can learn to change the way you eat and still enjoy your lifestyle, while losing weight, you can live a happier, fuller life without guilt.  You do not have to stop eating out, and you do not have to stop enjoying most of the foods that we like to eat.  It is a Balancing Act, by eating all the foods in the Nutritional Building Blocks (protein, carbohydrate, fat, minerals and especially WATER), you can prolong your life, avoid heart disease, diabetes, and have more energy to go about your day.  During this journey, you’ll discover how to choose the right balance of the right foods, set realistic goals and rewards, and cope with triggers for unhealthy eating.

If you would like to participate in this programme with me, and for the next 20 weeks go through the motions of learning how to eat healthily on daily basis, please contact me using the form below. Together we will find a strategy that helps you to change your current eating habit.  We will also find ways to get you moving, for as little as 30 minutes of physical activity a day you can reach and maintain your goal size.  We can balance your calories with your daily physical activity.  Also, research indicates that social support can increase your chance for success in changing eating patterns.  Through this programme I will help you to form your own support group, with whom you can drive through your positive and negative cycles, share your experiences or even just talk with to stay motivated.

Remember, weight in terms of scales can be irrelevant.  You could be 70 kilos of useful muscle, or 70 kilos of which 25% or more body fat. This course is not only for people who consider themselves overweight.  It is also for people who are constantly battling to find a happy medium in their diet and seek guidance, support and accountability, and of course a healthier life.

The first five people to sign up to the programme will receive a special discount for a 20 week course for only AED 250 per month. 

Sign up with your friends or colleagues, or even make it an office challenge as we head into the last couple of months of 2017. Enter the New Year a healthier, fitter, YOU.


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