Walking the Walk

See the photo of the clouds over sloping hills?  I ran up there a week ago, feeling on top of my training.  I returned home after a short break in South Africa during which I trained consistently, and then on my return, I “rested” for 6 days.

One of the hardest things about being a coach is actually walking the walk! Much time is spent prepping clients, listening to their fears and issues and providing advice, researching their issues and working out solutions, and keeping them motivated.  It is very difficult at times to practice what I am preaching daily to my clients.  The very same issues or excuses they are coming up with for not training, are niggling my conscience as well.

  • late night, got caught up in a box set
  • headache/tired
  • work/family time
  • an injury
  • mojo
  • I’ll start tomorrow

Just looking at the above list I want to often hang my head in shame.  Tut Tut!  I was doing so well, and then lapsed for a week.  Are you with me so far?  Nodding?

Ok, so here’s what we are going to do TODAY.

Revisit the training programme for the next 7 days and make it varied.  Shop for the correct nutrition for the next week, and prepare all training gear for tomorrow.  TONIGHT, get on the running shoes and go for a light run around the neighbourhood for at least 30 minutes.

Come home, shower, feel good.  Eat a light healthy supper and get to bed early.  No WhatsApp, Social Media, box sets or any other electronic distractions.  Set the alarm for an early start and let’s do this again!

Here are some things to consider right now:

1. Walk the Walk – Live the lifestyle you are training for or proclaiming you have (myself included)

2. Don’t Guess – If you don’t know the answer to something, don’t lie to yourself or others, and guess at the answer.  Be honest, gain the knowledge and then assist appropriately.

3. Remember your WHY – If you ever get lost with your training, remember your original purpose as to why you started.  And, yes, your WHY can change over time.  Just ask yourself this question when needed to gain clarity and purpose.

(Influenced and inspired by Dr. John Spencer Ellis “JSE” CEO | Spencer Institute | NESTA)

Let me know how you got on…