The Coaches

We like to combine our training for women with a gear towards improving their lifestyle and self-worth. Hell knows that many women lose that as their bodies change. As we have discovered, training once you are over 40 will help you discover things that you were possibly never told. I have learned that training is not all about losing weight and being fitter, but the improvement of performance, relationships (especially with your changing body), lifestyle choices, and general well-being.

The outcomes can be extraordinary if you dedicate a little time to yourself. We have learned that at this age we need to take more care of ourselves, apply certain methods to our training and most of all, seek proper recovery, relaxation and nutrition. I hope that our own experiences and training will assist you to find endurance training less arduous, more fun and beneficial.

Sara-Lise Harris Owner and Head Coach As a sassy menopausal athlete in her 50s, Sara likes to approach training as a holistic journey to improve ability as an athlete, while redesigning the investment in yourself. The aim is to improve performances, body relationships, and well-being.

Aside from the required endurance coaching certifications, she has studied with interest how ladies approaching menopause or who are on the other side of menopause should approach their training, and has personally fought the journey!


Zandra Sissing Triathlon Coach Zandra started her endurance sports career early with a passion for medium distance trail running. With a passion for water there have been many diversions into different competitive sports. It was after knee surgery that she was introduced to triathlon and found something that was worth fighting for. A second surgery has honed her desire to train and coach correct technique and focus on injury prevention.

She is an ITCA certified professional triathlon coach, an Ironman 70.3 Finisher.

She offers remote coaching, and finds courage and excellence in every athlete.