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Race to Weight

I say nutrition, as I do not believe in dieting. I needed to make some serious changes to improve my gut health, bloating and general feeling of lethargy and low energy.  This can be seen clearly in the photograph box, lower right. I was introduced to the Whole30 concept and did a 30-day programme, eliminating …

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Race Fear and Open Water Swimming Anxiety

Race Nerves?How do they affect you? Do you perform better or worse? Do you get a newfound courage or does your race plan collapse? I’ve seen countless accounts from athletes online, and in person, where they stand on the beach before a triathlon swim start or an open water swimming race and drown in a …

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Spain Training and Racing

During the summer, some of the team travelled to Spain to train and race.  We chose a triathlon in Pont de Suert, hilly, and a lake swim.  A first for all of us! I did a short distance: 950m lake swim 🏊‍♂️ 60km bike with 1200m elevation and 11% climbs ⛰10km flat 🏃‍♂️ Michelle did …

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